About Lomond Banks

About Lomond Banks

Scotland is frequently listed as one of the top tourism destinations in the world, with people flocking to experience its nature, landscapes, heritage and communities.

Our masterplan represents a £40 million sustainable tourism investment and will help to realise Balloch’s Tourism Destination vision, reaffirming the town as the true gateway to Loch Lomond.

The development, which has ambitions to become Scotland’s first “Whole Life Zero Carbon Resort” that celebrates the wildlife and biodiversity of Loch Lomond, will transform an area of Balloch which is currently marked for tourism and leisure development in the local plan.

Our Planning Permission in Principal (PPiP) proposal which is currently in the final stages of the planning campaign, includes a number of key changes which have come from extensive engagement and feedback from the local community and key stakeholders , as well as the National Park Authority, following both the earlier application and over the last two years since our initial resubmission. These significant amends have been made to address concerns and further respect the sensitivities of the location and its natural beauty and meet the vision for this area as a key tourism destination. 

These include:

  • Reviewing the scale of the proposed buildings at the pierhead area
  • Removing the lodges from the ancient woodland of Drumkinnon Wood
  • Reworking the proposals within and around Woodbank House whilst protecting and complementing the amenities of the boat clubs and other local businesses

With the launch of Scottish Government’s NPF4 guidelines, the team behind Lomond Banks has worked hard to ensure it meets and exceeds all the latest requirements.

Transport has been a huge focus during this final resubmission and although the various transport assessments highlight that the proposed development would have minimal impact on the roads network, we have signed a Section 48 agreement with Transport Scotland that should planning progress, a contribution will be made to help prioritise and support Transport Scotland’s plans to upgrade the Stoneymollan Roundabout. In addition, should plans progress Lomond Bank’s has agreed in principle to support West Dunbartonshire Council with ongoing issues relating to the McDonald’s roundabout.

A variety of family accommodation, facilities for visitors and the local community are proposed, including a craft brewery, leisure centre, restaurants, and landscape upgrades to public footpaths, dog walking routes and greenspaces.

Our vision to bring about plans that create economic growth, investment, jobs and an infrastructure that will benefit the local community and beyond, is unwavering.

We anticipate bringing approximately 200 full-time and part-time/ seasonal posts to the area. In addition to this, there will also be hundreds of local jobs created during the construction phase.

This world-class family holiday destination will see more people experience everything the area has to offer in line with the vision that has been held by development agencies and the local authority since the early 1990s.

Inspired by the award-winning tourism forest adventure parks and woodland accommodation already on offer in Scotland’s National Parks, Lomond Banks aims to create a quality destination – which is accessible, affordable and family oriented.

The vision will bring new life to the site’s extensive industrial past, by improving biodiversity and providing a visitor hub, active leisure activities, restaurants and cafes and self-catering woodland-lodges at Woodbank House.

Crucially, the masterplan balances protecting and caring for the natural woodland setting that is essential to the overall character of the development and the local area, while creating a welcoming and enjoyable visitor destination that attracts families for days out, holidays and short-breaks.

Lomond Banks remains committed to the local community and its Lomond Promise, committing the developers to being a responsible employer and local business partner, has also been established.

The application will be determined by The Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Planning & Access Committee.

Key facts and benefits at a glance:

  • £40 million investment in the local area
  • Approximately 200 full-time, part-time, and seasonal jobs ranging from entry level positions through to highly skilled posts across many disciplines
  • Numerous local jobs and apprenticeship opportunities created during the early construction phase of the project
  • Extensive supply-chain which would be nurtured on value-based partnerships with local suppliers
  • Legally binding ‘Lomond Promise’ created which includes:
    • No zero-hour contracts
    • Real living wages
    • Job and training opportunities for local people
    • Commitment to local business, supply chain and marketing campaigns
    • Mitigating traffic impact
    • 24/7 access to woodland paths and national walkways
    • Preserving, protecting and enhancing the ancient woodland of Drumkinnon Wood
    • Subsidised entry to facilities for local residents (where charges apply)
    • Measures to monitor and control anti-social behaviour
  • Creation of a high-quality tourism and recreation-led destination, comprising of hotel and holiday accommodation, combined with family orientated leisure activities, that the local community can enjoy and be proud of for generations to come
  • Ambition to become Scotland’s first “Whole Life Zero Carbon Resort” that celebrates the wildlife and biodiversity of Loch Lomond
  • Visitors will be encouraged to leave their car behind and use sustainable means of travel including Scotrail and local bus service to Balloch
  • Existing vehicle and boat access points to be maintained throughout
  • Pedestrian and cycle links to be developed throughout the site and existing routes maintained, which will greatly expand and enhance the walking, cycling and public transport environment within the immediate site and improve connectivity between Loch Lomond Shores and the wider Balloch village.