In February 2023, Lomond Banks  considered all of the feedback from the Park Authority, the community, and stakeholders alike and made some significant amendments to support questions raised around scale of development and the environment, including biodiversity, ecology and traffic and parking, also taking into account new NPF4 guidelines. 

The key amendments to the current proposal:

  • The complete removal of our proposed Area 10 from within the application’s red line boundary, with existing woodland retained, which will form part of our overall woodland management plan.
  • The previously proposed staff accommodation and facilities from Area 10 will now be absorbed into other areas of the development including Station Square, Woodbank House and the Visitor Hub.
  • Introducing native trees and planting within the area around Woodbank House, while existing non-native and invasive species will be removed.
  • Commitment to retain the amount of previously proposed compensatory planting intended for the now removed Area 10, ensuring there is a net gain in the site’s biodiversity value.
  • Further clarification on its parking strategy to ensure ample provision is put in place across the development for the proposed scale of development.
  • Traffic statistics to indicate the predicted uptake of traffic numbers, at key locations in and around the area at peak
  • Reduced density of holiday accommodation at Woodbank House, with all 17 woodland bothies and five woodland lodges removed from this development area.
  • A commitment to multi-million-pound investment in Balloch with legally binding ‘Lomond Promise’ to local community.